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First we would like to introduce you to our Cattery, and than we would like to introduce you to our cats. We left out the common information about the Norwegian Forestcat, because we assume that foreign visitors of this homepage already now about the looks etcetera of the Norwegian Forestcat.

Cattery Van het Vikingdal exists since 26-04-1989 and is officially registrated by the FIFé. Our first Norwegian Forestcat entered our home on 19-03-1988 and for us this was the start of a whole new era.

We now have 10 Norwegian Forestcats. The females and the neutered males can walk freely in our livingroom (40m²), our hallway (13m²) and our kitchen (25m²). They also have a catrun (8m²), which they can enter anytime. 

We do not breed many litters pro year, and because of that we think we can say, that we have to offer some exclusivity.

We now would like to introduce you to our cats:

Our 7 females:

 Our 3 neutered males:

 You will finds photos of our cats in the Dutch section of our homepage.

 If you would like to obtain more information or if you would want us to send you a copy of a pedigree, please contact us:



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